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5 Ways to Stay Grounded Amidst the Chaos

Are you feeling a bit…unraveled lately?

You are not alone!

Between still living in a pandemic, the stresses of the current social climate, and navigating “normal” daily life, there are many days when I feel like if I hear one grumbling about dinner, another dog bark, or have to wash one more dish, I might seriously lose it!

Thankfully, these five grounding techniques have helped me keep my cool - so far. Check them out!

Staying grounded can make all the difference in your day. From how you interact with others to how you interact with yourself, maintaining your center can help you respond in ways that are healthy, productive, and reflect who you truly are.

The best part?

Staying grounded does not mean you have to completely overhaul your life. In fact, when you’re truly grounded, you’ll be bringing more of YOU to the life you’re already living.

Here are 5 easy ways to hold it together that can be incorporated into your daily routine with just a bit of intention.

1. Limit screen time.

The news, more often than not, is full of negativity, fear, and unpleasant happenings. And social media bombards us with perfect pictures and more things we think we “should” be doing, being, or buying.

Constant scrolling can often leave you feeling overwhelmed, anxious, ungrounded, or simply not good enough.

Try setting a reasonable limit on screen time – checking the news only once or twice a day.

Or perhaps implementing new habits around screen time. Consider the time of day you check the news or adding a cleansing breath or practice after you check in to see what’s happening.

Staying grounded involves protecting your energy. You can’t control what’s going on out there, but you can control how often you choose to digest it.

2. Engage in what nourishes you.

What leaves you feeling full, energized, and most like yourself?

What do you do where you lose track of all sense of time and space?

What truly nourishes your body, mind, and soul?

Do this more!!

Just for a little while.

It’s easy to think to feel nourished, fulfilled, or grounded, you have to set aside hours at a time to engage in self-care. And no one has that. Here are a few ideas if you’re feeling stuck on what really helps you reset and feel nourished:

· Play your favorite music.

· Cook (or buy) your favorite meal.

· Snuggle up with a furry friend.

· Go outside!

· Get moving – even for a few minutes.

· Take a bath.

· Drink some wine.

· Laugh.

The list is endless – and it’s all yours!

3. Breathe.

Did you know connecting with the breath is the quickest way to reset the nervous system?

Adding a few deep breaths into your daily routine can be an easy way to stay grounded, especially in those highly emotional, overwhelming moments!

And, tapping into your breath BEFORE you feel overwhelmed can help your mind be more prepared to handle emotionally-charged moments in a way that reflects who you are rather than your emotion in the moment.

Try adding in just a few deep breaths with things you already do:

· In the shower

· Before you get out of the car

· Every time you check your phone

· When you wash your hands

· While you’re cooking

· When you find yourself feeling overwhelmed

Find what works for you and just breathe. Your body, mind, and soul will thank you.

4. Notice what is going well.

Just one thing each day.

To be transparent, I was quite resistant to this type of practice when it was first suggested. In my mind, it equated to “think positive,” which meant “ignore what’s really happen and pretend everything is great.”

Noticing what is going well does not mean ignoring reality. We naturally notice what is not going well – our brains our just wired that way.

Without an intention to notice something different, all we will notice is what is what is wrong, leading to stress, anxiety, overwhelm, and that sense of unraveling.

Whether it is as simple as showering or as monumental as getting a new job, choosing to look for something that did go well can serve to rewire our brain over time. Even if you miss it in the moment, consider spending a few minutes at night reflecting on the day, looking for just one thing that was well.

You might be surprised.

5. Give yourself a break!

Literally. And figuratively.

Rest when you need to. Fatigue does a number on your body, mind, and soul and can leave you feeling ungrounded without any of the added stressors you face.

Resting does not mean you’re not doing or working. There is work – and healing – in the rest.

Also, be kind to yourself. Life is hard. And things right now are even harder.

If you’re like me, you might do all the grounding things and more, yet some days still find yourself losing your shit – have some grace.

If you do happen to lose it, it means you showed up. It means you do care.

Which is something that is going well.

So, be kind to yourself.

My wish for each of you today and always:

May you find your center.

May you see what is well.

May your soul be nourished.

May you be safe, healthy, and well.

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