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Are you ready to experience true transformation?

Mindfulness Teaching & Facilitation

“Mindfulness is the awareness that arises from paying attention, on purpose, in the present moment.”

-Jon Kabat-Zinn

Mindfulness is about more than being aware – it is about the way we are aware and what we choose to do with this awareness. Mindfulness creates a space between a stimulus and our response, which can change the entire way we function.


The benefits of a mindfulness practice are countless and different for everyone. Science has shown those with a consistent mindfulness practice experience:


  • Decreased stress

  • Increased self-awareness

  • Enhanced focus

  • Self-compassion

  • Symptom management

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My Mindfulness Journey

My own mindfulness practice has been deeply transformative. Incorporating formal mindful practice into my daily routine has become a much-needed source of centering and connection, grounding me as I go throughout my day. Maintaining an attitude of mindfulness informally throughout the day has supported me in:


  • Being more patient

  • Offering myself more kindness

  • Managing stress

  • Increased awareness of my emotional and mental state

  • Noticing what is going well

Mindfulness Offerings

Everyone’s mindfulness journey is unique, each offering an opportunity for mental, physical, and soulful transformation.

If you’re interested in exploring mindfulness, learn more about my mindfulness offerings here.

May 28

Cheesecake, figs, and pinot noir.

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Explore mindfulness at its deepest level with a mindfulness series - personalized mindfulness teachings, guided practice, inquiry, and individualized recommendations for personal practice.

Mindfulness Series

May 28

Cheesecake, figs, and pinot noir.

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Bring mindfulness techniques to your workplace, community group, or classroom. Workshops vary from one-hour to full day and focus on techniques that can be immediately implemented after the workshop!

Mindfulness Workshops

Frequently asked questions

I am interested in a mindfulness series. How many people do you teach at once?

Mindfulness series can be led one-on-one or in groups of 3 to 12.

How does a mindfulness series work?

Prior to beginning our journey together, we will discuss what your group is hoping to get out of the practice and develop a plan together. Typically, the group will meet a minimum of 4 times for practice, inquiry, and discussion, with recommended practices between each group session.

What is the difference in a mindfulness series and a workshop?

Mindfulness series are designed to support you in a personal mindfulness practice with the intention of increased self-awareness and transformation. Workshops are designed to teach basic mindfulness techniques that can be implemented without further support or guidance.

What type of practices do you lead?

  • Practices vary. An example of the flow of practice in a 6-session mindfulness series would include:
    • Open Awareness
    • Self-Compassion or Loving-Kindness
    • RAIN
    • Body Scan
    • Mindful Movement
    • Awareness of breath

How much do you charge?

Rates vary depending on individual needs.